Welcome to the Club. 

You are about to embark on a Journey that will allow you to Help Local Business Owners like nothing you have ever seen before.

The Reason is simple,
Smart Phones have Changed the World.

Now, for the first time ever, 
YOU can Help Business Owners capitalize on that new and emerging trend.

Meet Sami and Rick

Sami Al-Taher, C.E.O.

Rick Mayer, Director
Western Hemisphere
(c 801-913-5566)

We are only an email or phone call away.
Sami is in the Eastern European Standard Time Zone (7 hours ahead of EST) and Rick is in the Mountain Standard Time Zone.

Our App is an Alternative to all that Traditional Advertising that's Ineffective and Expensive.

Sales folks are aready bugging the business owner about Marketing, Sales, Promotions, S.E.O., Google Rankings, Sponsorships, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Donations, Sports Flyers, Billboards, etc.
The worst part, most of it simply does not work. It's 50 year old technology trying to compete in this 21st Century with the Plugged in, Informed, Connected consumer.

We have a better way but understand, when you first talk to someone about a GeoFence, most will say, "Sure, I know about that." In actuality, they DON'T. Maybe they have heard it mentioned or read an article somewhere but most don't have a clue as to the Power of the system, what it can do for them or even a basic understanding.

If you start in with brochures and presentations you'll get that "Deer in the Headlights" look, they will nod like they understand but everything you are saying is going right past them.

For that reason we Show, we don't sell. How we do this is with our Magic250 System you'll see on the Business Listings link.

But First things First.

You need to Understand your Customers.

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In todays plugged in, tuned in, turned on world for a business to succeed it can be summed up with just Two Words...

Smarter Marketing

And this includes you, them and us.

Our two biggest topics here are:

How to Get Business Listings
How to get App Users


Bottom Line, by joining us you now have the Very Latest Technology available.

You get to offer your clients a FREE SYSTEM that will blow the doors off anything out there.

You become The One Stop Shop for ALL your clients needs with Multiple Products.

As we add new products to our already full line, you get those as well, for FREE.

In addition, talk to me personally and we can discuss even more products you can offer to your clients from our Smarter.Marketing® Division.

Optimize Your

Business Operations!

Beyond the initial training, this Smarter App will be your source for refreshers, updates, new products, etc.
It's highly recommended that you join when this system becomes available. It's in development now.